Friday, September 25, 2009

Back from Vegas and ready to work!

WOW, what an amazing vacation I had with family and friends!!! Vegas was AMAZING and we all had a blast! This blog is of course late like the rest of them since I work so much! We spent the Sept. 20th-24th at the NYNY Hotel in Vegas and enjoyed an amazing show, Fremont Street and SOOOO much more! It was amazing to go back and have an even better time then before! I posted a few random pics below just for kicks too ;) I even got on the BIG screen on Fremont Street! So amazing! Here's a few pics below!

Our whole group @ Fremont Street
Us girls
My family (minus dad)
On the GIANT screen @ Fremont street
Mom and I

Anyways, I appologize to my clients waiting for orders or anyone trying to get ahold of me! That's the bad thing about vacation I guess! I of course didn't have nation wide on my cell, so I used my friends when I could to call clients inbetween mountains on our tour buss. I also didn't have internet access until we got to the airport on the way home, and by that time I had missed SOOO many emails! So again, I appologize to everyone waiting to hear from me! But I'm back now, and up for business now that I've recovered from the lack of sleep! I have 7 sessions in the next 7 days so be on the lookout for blogs gallore!! I have one coming tonight from before vacation! It's so hard for me to keep up having two full time jobs but I LOVE what I do and I wouldn't change it for the world! (Well, maybe a WAY bigger studio!)

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