Thursday, December 30, 2010


This too is another thing I should have blogged about awhile back! But yes I am engaged! So now I am the bride! I am now understanding FULLY what all my couples are going through with the planning! I have to admit it is VERY overwhelming! So the wedding is next year and I wanted to give anyone that has booked or is looking to book a little heads up. With my wedding planning, and 2 full time jobs along with my own wedding in October, I will not be booking any weddings after the month of September. There will be no more discounts for the 2011 year and there will not be any sittings scheduled in the month of October 2011 UNLESS it is a newborn session or one of my "Watch Me Grow" package children. I already have 10 weddings booked from May 2011-Sept. 2011 so my turn around time will be VERY backed up! I hope you all understand and I will get everything out as soon as possible!
Anyways I have to brag about my fiance. It was the most amazing engagement, so very well planned and all on camera and video! He is so amazing and I am so blessed to have such an amazing man in my life! And of course, I had to post some pictures of my ring :) VERY happy right now but also VERY stressed about my 2011 season with weddings and of course sessions! Things keep picking up more and more every year so I am hoping that I can keep up! Thanks so much to everyone for the congrats, and to all my clients for supporting me and my work! I appreciate everyone so much!

Katie & Justin; December 11th; Columbus/Schuyler Nebraska

I guess the holidays have gotten the best of me because I am behind! Ahh! Well a few weeks ago I photographed my final wedding of the year! It was an AMAZING end to an amazing wedding season! Katie and Justin are such a fun, outgoing and wonderful couple and I had a BLAST working with Katie's family again and seeing one of my past wedding couples again! They had an absolutely gorgeous wedding, with an even more gorgeous reception! With almost 600 people on the guest list, the winter storm unfortunately held some family and friends back because of the weather, but it was still by far the biggest wedding turnout I have photographed yet! Katie looked STUNNING! Thanks to the videographer, I had the opportunity to give the newlyweds a wedding gift that they will never forget. I provided engagement images for the videographer to add into their VERY moving slideshow. Tears were flowing from EVERYONE and once the slideshow got to the engagement images, Katie was stunned and I too broke down! I have such amazing couples and I know that will be something they will watch for years to come! Thank you so much for making my final 2010 wedding so amazing! I had an absolute blast and I wish you the best! Enjoy your images!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Alicia & Mark; December 4th; Columbus, NE

Saturday I got back into the swing of weddings for one of my last month of weddings for the year! Alicia and I actually graduated high school together and it was great to get back in touch with old friends! Her dress was gorgeous, and her and her mother made it themselves!!! AMAZING! Alicia and Mark, and their families and wedding party made my job so fun and easy and I enjoyed the day so much! Thanks so much you two for choosing me to capture your special day and enjoy your Jamaican honeymoon!!! Enjoy your sneak peaks!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Flying by faster then fast!itHope

Again, behind on blogging! I am HORRIBLE I know! The holidays are keeping me busy and I am loving it! So onto my WAY behind sessions!

First up, my regular Rhylan, for his 2 month session. His mom always has great ideas and since it was around Halloween of course we did some shots in his Halloween costume! SUPER cute little guy and I just love watching him grow up every month!

Next up, another regular Brady and family. We started with a family shot and then finished up with some adorable shots of him for mom and dad! Enjoy!

Now for the McDonald/Thompson Family. I just love getting to meet new clients that have so much fun during their session! The girls were a hoot and they were so much fun to photograph! Hope you enjoy your images and hope to photograph your family again!

Yet again another baby plan regular. I just LOVE this little guy! Ethan came in with mom for some Christmas pictures and as usual she had an amazing idea! We started with a Charlie Brown Christmas theme....SOOO adorable and ended with some basic shots for the holidays! I can't wait to see this little cutie again!

Onto Brooke's AMAZING three year session! Brooke's mom is a very good friend of mine, and I am always so excited when I get to photograph her family, which will soon be growing! (YAY! I LOVE BABIES!) Last time we photographed Brooke we got some adorable shots, and this time was even better! She did AMAZING and is such an angel! I am absolutely in love with her and of course her images! Thanks Jennifer for bringing Brooke in! :)

And last up, little Rhylan again for his 3 month sitting! Christmas time makes for great pictures! Again, mom had some adorable ideas and I was more then happy to create them for her! We started with the Christmas shots, then onto the CUTEST cowboy idea ever, and then onto a few more Christmas hat shots. Even though he was a not thrilled with a camera in his face, he still did amazing! Thanks again Courtney! See you in a month!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Falling for Fall!

Ohh boy and I falling for fall! It is absolutely gorgeous out! The colors, the weather, everything about it is perfect! And yet again another blog for everyone to enjoy!

First up was a short Halloween shoot with little Brady! His little monkey costume was SOOO cute!

Next up was Addison for her 3 month session. What a cutie! I had a blast dolling up this little cutie and her smile just melted your heart!

Lastly was one of my May 2011 wedding couples. These two have got to be one of my favorite couples ever! They are so cute together, and I can totally relate to both of them in their career fields so we always have something to talk about! We got some great shots in town and the fall colors were absolutely perfect for their sitting! I had a blast you two! See you in May!

I also want to thank all my clients for all the sympathy notes as well as the rescheduling that had to happen due to the loss of my grandmother. It was GREATLY appreciated! I have the most amazing clients EVER!