Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Little Cuties!

A few weeks ago I had a repeat client which I LOVE and greatly appreciate! Little Ella has grown up so fast since the last time I photographed her family, and she brought her new cousin Liam with her! We had such a fun time with all the toys and props, and Ella LOVES to twirl! Enjoy you pictures!!!

Soon after that session I had a new family come into the studio. I had a blast with little Izzy! She is such an adorable little angel! She warmed up quick to the lights and toys, and we had a blast getting some family shots and some of just Izzy of course! She is such a little busy body as most kids her age are! Hope to see you all in the future! Thanks for choosing New World Designs!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alisha & Jake; March 20th Columbus, NE

What a gorgeous day! Especially after snow showers the day before! But it turned out gorgeous, a little chilly, but oh so sunny! We started the day with the usual wedding day preparations of hair, make up and of course dresses. I was surrounded by so many girls I didn't know what to think! With 8 brides maids and the other women that were in the room it was hard to capture every single thing but I got it done! Alisha's dress was gorgeous, as well as her hair, which had "something blue" in it! What a neat idea that was! We then went onto the formals. Jake and Alisha chose not to see each other before the ceremony, so we started with the guys and went onto the ladies. With so many people in the wedding party it was a challenge to get everyone set up perfectly and have a smile on everyone's face! We all had lots of fun though and got finished early enough for everyone to have some down time. After the gorgeous ceremony we continued with formals! It was great working with you two! I had a great time and thanks so much for choosing New World Designs! Enjoy!

Here is a very quick video for you! ENJOY!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

San Diego Art

FINALLY I took some time to work on some images for myself! I have been dying to work on these and I finally took a second to breathe for myself, and it was much needed! Here are some of the images from amazing San Diego! ENJOY!!!!

Our hotel (the Hilton) with downtown San Diego to the right

Our view from the Reception and across the street from our hotel... GORGEOUS!

At Sea World, the AMAZING bride had a surprise for me! A behind the scenes meet and greet with the Penguins!!! LOVE IT!!!

Little Paxton and Family

Friday, I had a little cutie in for his 3 month pictures, as well as some family shots. Paxton was such a handsome little guy and I was glad to get some cute shots for his 3 month session! We then caught a few family ones with mom and dad! Thanks Breann & Cory for choosing NWD! Enjoy your images!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Katie & Justin Engagements

Sunday I had the pleasure of working with one of my future wedding couples, which I have luckily had the pleasure of working with Katie's family many times in the past. It was a great day, with still some snow on the ground for their winter engagements, to fit into their December winter wedding. We started in the studio with some head shots, then headed outside to the lake where the snow was very much present. After that, we headed out to the edge of town to a corn field, which ended up fitting in very well since Justin is a farmer! I love tying in session locations with the couples life's! It just has so much more meaning! We had a lot of fun and got some great shots! Enjoy the rest of the wedding planning, and of course your engagement images! Thanks again you two! Look forward to working with your families later this year!

Little Miss Tessa

Saturday I had the pleasure of working with a new client, 13 day old Tessa and her parents! It is such a joy getting to work with such a new little miracle and getting to learn more about her family! Tessa of course started off on her own schedule, not wanting to fall asleep for mom, but we did manage to get some happy awake shots for mom and dad! Once we had some shots of just Tessa, we moved onto some mommy and baby and daddy and baby shots, and ended with mom, dad and baby! I hope you and your family enjoy the images and I look forward to watching your little angel grow up and capturing every milestone for you! Enjoy!

Pettiskirt Models!

Well I finally got some model sessions done for my AMAZING pettiskirt supplier! This week I had the Larsen girls come in, and although challenging, we got it done and had a lot of fun! I love seeing children that I have photographed in the past! Onto their images!

Then I had an amazing little gal come in! I have known Carrie forever and her daughter Kenna is a DREAM! She will do anything before you even have to tell her to! She was born to model!!! Plus she s just so adorable!! Onto her images!

Thanks to all my models that came in to help with this opportunity!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Brieanne & Jason; March 1st, 2010 San Diego, CA

What an AMAZING opportunity I had yet again to travel so far for a wedding! This time we were off to San Diego, CA for 5 days of vacationing and wedding festivities, filled with over 3000 pictures taken on this journey! Brieanna & Jason are such an amazing, gorgeous, and fun couple to work with and I was so glad to have the opportunity to work with the Thomas family yet again for another wedding! Their family is so close, and such a tight nit group with such amazing emotion! They are all amazing to photograph in ANY situation!

Throughout the vacation, we had lots of events to photograph, including a Sea World trip which was filled with LOTS of surprises for the 70 some guests attending that day! I even got the surprise opportunity from Brieanne to meet the penguins up close! Ahh I was in heaven! Along with that, there was the rehearsal dinner at the Thomas beach house which overlooked the ocean! It can't get much better then that! There was also the opportunity to see Jason's band play live, and a post wedding champagne brunch the day after the wedding! It was all so gorgeous!

The wedding itself took place on Harbor Island, right across the street from the hotel where most of the guests where staying. It was nice to just walk outside and see an AMAZING view of downtown San Diego which the wedding overlooked at sunset. It was the most gorgeous setting I have ever seen! After the wedding, more pictures took place and then onto the reception we went! Talk about fancy, this was it! The reception was at Tom Ham's Lighthouse, a short walk from the wedding location, so it was very convenient for everyone! It too had an amazing water view with downtown San Diego in the distance! It was absolutely stunning! All the details were completely fitting for the couple, with lots of blue and cream tones, and birds! The couple both work with the birds at Sea World, so it was VERY fitting! Not a single detail was forgotten and it was the perfect day for Brieanne & Jason!

Thanks again you two for such an amazing time, and for all the fun pictures I was able to capture in such a short time! Enjoy your honeymoon in Mexico, and most of all each other! I hope you love the memories that I captured for you and your families! The beach session was honestly the highlight for me so I hope you enjoy ALL of the images and the slide show video. (Sorry I don't have any reception photos in there. No worries though! There's PLENTY!) Thanks again you two and hope to see you again soon!