Friday, March 5, 2010

Back from San Diego!

I am so behind on blogging about upcoming things that I'm sure most of you never even knew that I was traveling to San Diego to photograph a wedding! Well, I did, and am now back! After a absolutely amazing trip, gorgeous wedding and amazing vacations, we had a VERY LONG, stressful, horrible time getting back, but we survived and made it home! Never have my mom and I been so happy to be back in the freezing Nebraska weather then we were on Wednesday! But other then the 14 or so hours of torture spend in 3 different airports with standby flights, we had an AMAZING business vacation! I am so happy I got to bring my mother out to San Diego to experience it all with me! She is such a big part of my business and an absolutely amazing mother! We did have lots of down-time around all the wedding events going on, and even the wedding events were a TON of fun! Sea World was by far a once in a lifetime experience for me and I can't thanks Brieanne and Jason enough for this AMAZING opportunity to work with their amazing family again!!! The wedding was an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous even, and we had a blast! I am truly so blessed to have such amazing clients like Brie & Jason, and Brie's family which I have previously worked with! They are truly one of a kind! I can't thank them enough for an amazing vacation! Be on the lookout in the following weeks for blogs on their gorgeous wedding AND their ocean bridals!

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