Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alisha & Jake; March 20th Columbus, NE

What a gorgeous day! Especially after snow showers the day before! But it turned out gorgeous, a little chilly, but oh so sunny! We started the day with the usual wedding day preparations of hair, make up and of course dresses. I was surrounded by so many girls I didn't know what to think! With 8 brides maids and the other women that were in the room it was hard to capture every single thing but I got it done! Alisha's dress was gorgeous, as well as her hair, which had "something blue" in it! What a neat idea that was! We then went onto the formals. Jake and Alisha chose not to see each other before the ceremony, so we started with the guys and went onto the ladies. With so many people in the wedding party it was a challenge to get everyone set up perfectly and have a smile on everyone's face! We all had lots of fun though and got finished early enough for everyone to have some down time. After the gorgeous ceremony we continued with formals! It was great working with you two! I had a great time and thanks so much for choosing New World Designs! Enjoy!

Here is a very quick video for you! ENJOY!!!

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