Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue Eyed Beauty

What an amazing session! This little blue eyed beauty is on my "Watch Me Grow" program and I was so happy to see Tessa and her mother again! I love clients that allow me to be fully creative and give me total control and I defiantly had some great new ideas, as well as props for this cutie! We did 3 different sets, all with new props and backdrops and she did SOOO well for her 3 month sitting! I am so lucky to have such amazing clients that allow me to be so creative and capture images of their little ones that they will enjoy for years to come! Enjoy your images Jenna!

My absolute favorite!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Michelle & Josh; May 15th, Columbus NE

What a beautiful day! And an even more beautiful couple! I love weddings like this! You could just see the love they had for each other! GORGEOUS! I feed off of couples energy, and I know it helps me be so much more creative then I can imagine! Josh and Michelle are high school sweet hearts, and were SOOOO in love! Josh's mom was actually one of my teachers back in the day! Small world! Everything about the day was perfect, elegant, and gorgeous! Laughter filled every part of the day! Football was also incorporated into the pictures, ceremony and of course the reception, since 6 out of the 7 guys played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers! We got some great shots at the square downtown, and finished at the church! Again, everything gorgeous, and you could just see how much they loved each other! Their personal notes that were read during the ceremony were amazing, and even I had a tear! Amazing day! Thanks again you two for choosing NWD! It was a pleasure working with the both of you, as well as your families and friends! Enjoy your sneak peaks, and slideshow!

Football anyone? :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cutie Pies!

Earlier this week, I had another repeat client! Little Ethan has grown so much since his newborn session! He is growing like a weed, and is getting cuter and cuter by the day! I can defiantly see mom and dad in that face! The session started pretty good, and got better as moms sister came with her little girl! Kali was such a doll! And she was such a snuggler with mom! We got a few of her alone too, and of course some of the two together. It was a great session and I hope both your families enjoy the images! Thanks for choosing NWD!

I love this one! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

April & CJ; May 8th, Columbus, NE

This last Saturday it was a GORGEOUS day for a wedding! April and CJ tied the knot at First Baptist Church in Columbus. We had a great time downtown getting some great wedding party pictures. It was a little chilly but not too bad (Although the girls were wearing the guys jackets haha) April, your dress was gorgeous! It flowed so well and you looked stunning in it with your bridesmaids! It was a gorgeous ceremony as well, and I hope you two had an amazing reception! Enjoy the married life and have a safe trip back home to Colorado! Thanks so much for choosing NWD and enjoy your speak peaks and slideshow!

These groomsman were SOOOO funny!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little time for myself at the farm!

So I absolutely LOVE being out at the farm, and this last Sunday was an AMAZING day! Perfect skies, gorgeous breeze, and perfect weather! I decided to do a little something for my amazing boyfriend and take some pictures of his prized and precious trucks. They are both gorgeous and he has worked so hard for both of them! We had PERFECT skies when we got to the top of the hill! We watched a springtime storm roll in slowly and it was perfect! Got to love time with family and friends (His family I guess haha) Here are some of the images from the night! Ohh how I love the farm! Happy Friday (almost)

Once in a lifetime shot... Can you see the deer?!?! Too bad I didn't have my 70-200 lens on :(

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring is FINALLY here!

I have finally gotten out for myself and done some of my art work that I truly love doing! Its a great getaway for me, and it really makes you enjoy ever little thing that this earth has to offer! I figured I would share a few with you! Happy Spring everyone!

Sisterly Love & Family Fun!

Last week, I had two amazing session, both with some new clients, AND props and backdrops! Onto the sessions!
Alex & Kinley came to the studio for the first time this week and it was such a joy to see such cute little girls!!! Alex is three, and her baby sister is almost 3 months, and what happy girls they were! It took a bit for Alex to warm up, but once I brought out some skirts, and toys, she opened up to the camera like a pro! We started with some of her alone, then added her sister into a few. Kinley is such a doll! GORGEOUS blue eyes both the girls have (Yes I am jealous!) I had a blast meeting these two and their mother! Thanks for choosing NWD and I hope you enjoy your images!

My next session was with my wedding package winners, Tina & Aaron. We started off with their engagement in the studio, and then headed outside to finish up their shots. Once finished, her little girl Jaedin. She is SUCH a cutie!! We then did a few family shots outside, and then headed back into the studio for some more family shots and some of just Jaedin. I had a BLAST! Congrats again you two and I look forward to your wedding in July!