Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Michelle & Josh; May 15th, Columbus NE

What a beautiful day! And an even more beautiful couple! I love weddings like this! You could just see the love they had for each other! GORGEOUS! I feed off of couples energy, and I know it helps me be so much more creative then I can imagine! Josh and Michelle are high school sweet hearts, and were SOOOO in love! Josh's mom was actually one of my teachers back in the day! Small world! Everything about the day was perfect, elegant, and gorgeous! Laughter filled every part of the day! Football was also incorporated into the pictures, ceremony and of course the reception, since 6 out of the 7 guys played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers! We got some great shots at the square downtown, and finished at the church! Again, everything gorgeous, and you could just see how much they loved each other! Their personal notes that were read during the ceremony were amazing, and even I had a tear! Amazing day! Thanks again you two for choosing NWD! It was a pleasure working with the both of you, as well as your families and friends! Enjoy your sneak peaks, and slideshow!

Football anyone? :)

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