Thursday, December 30, 2010


This too is another thing I should have blogged about awhile back! But yes I am engaged! So now I am the bride! I am now understanding FULLY what all my couples are going through with the planning! I have to admit it is VERY overwhelming! So the wedding is next year and I wanted to give anyone that has booked or is looking to book a little heads up. With my wedding planning, and 2 full time jobs along with my own wedding in October, I will not be booking any weddings after the month of September. There will be no more discounts for the 2011 year and there will not be any sittings scheduled in the month of October 2011 UNLESS it is a newborn session or one of my "Watch Me Grow" package children. I already have 10 weddings booked from May 2011-Sept. 2011 so my turn around time will be VERY backed up! I hope you all understand and I will get everything out as soon as possible!
Anyways I have to brag about my fiance. It was the most amazing engagement, so very well planned and all on camera and video! He is so amazing and I am so blessed to have such an amazing man in my life! And of course, I had to post some pictures of my ring :) VERY happy right now but also VERY stressed about my 2011 season with weddings and of course sessions! Things keep picking up more and more every year so I am hoping that I can keep up! Thanks so much to everyone for the congrats, and to all my clients for supporting me and my work! I appreciate everyone so much!

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