Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Photography Tips and Suggestions

I was recently talking to one of my brides friends the other day, and she was discussing her wedding and how things went. She soon got into her photographer and she was saying how disgusted she was with how things went and how it had been 5 months since her wedding and she had yet to receive any images or proofs. She seemed absolutely crushed that it was taking so long to see the most important pictures of her life, and it troubled me. After much discussion and advice, I figured I would share the advice with all of my prospective clients.
When you are looking to book a wedding photographer, ALWAYS ask questions, and lots! Believe me, you aren't going to annoy or offend us at all! I actually feel better knowing my couples are on top of things and know what they want! It makes my job much easier knowing what my clients want ahead of time. Another thing to ask, especially if they are doing this as a side job or another full time job (as I am) is to ask when they work. Some may just work weekends, or one day a week; it all just depends on the photograph(s). And in the contract that you are to sign if and when you book, be sure it says somewhere in there when you will receive your images/proofs/products from your wedding! These are some key things that I am noticing from a lot of people I come in contact with, and they wished they would have asked!
For all of you wondering about those questions from me, I will get them out in the open now! :) I work AT LEAST four nights a week (I work a job from 8-4 on weekdays and usually get to work right after that and work till at least 10pm) Weekends I work when I can around weddings and sittings, and family time but I usually get a good 8 hours in on the weekends as well. As far as my turn around time on weddings, I usually have your proofs/discs to you within 2 months of your wedding date (Keep in mind that does vary from month to month depending on my workload but so far in my years of photographing weddings I have made that deadline) Orders for photographs take anywhere from 2-3 weeks once payment is received and specialty orders such as albums may take one to two months.
I hope this helps some of you out but I wanted to share this story with some people, and make sure that EVERY bride-to-be and groom-to-be are getting EXACTLY what they were dreaming of!

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