Monday, July 27, 2009

Another busy weekend and I LOVE it!!!

It seems my weekends are going by so quickly with my workload but I love the new families, seniors, and children I am getting to meet and capture through pictures! This weekend I had another three sittings. All went great!!

My first sitting was a family, which part of them all the way from Sweden! They were so fun to work with and hear the stories about their lifestyle over there! The kids were so cute! Onto the pictures :)

My second sitting of the weekend was gorgeous little Olivia. These were her 6 month pictures and the family came all the way from Kansas City to visit family and have her 6 month pictures taken. Its such a joy to work with families from out of town, & out of state!!! Olivia did AMAZING and was one of the most picture perfect babies ever! Here are her stunning pictures.

And my last sitting of the weekend was Aaron, my first senior of the year. Aaron was great, even with a broken foot! He was great to photograph and I'm glad that we got to get all his ideas captured! Here are his shots!

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