Thursday, August 6, 2009

A SUPER busy two weeks

WOW, I am horribly behind on my blogging!! Sorry to all of you that keep up! Well, other then being busy with session, I competed in the Columbus Downtown Runaround. I'm sure my group and I got about 299th place but we did it! I've joined a gym with my good friend, and now a client! Congrats to Tammy and Justin! I've been trying to get out of the house more and have a day to myself, which has been amazing to actually have a life other then work. I have such amazing supportive friends, and my clients make my life so worth every second I put into it!!! Anyways, it has been a CRAZY two weeks FULL of sessions, so this is going to be one long blog of pictures I'm sure! :) And onto the pictures!
First up is the Boyer Family. It was great to finally meet all of them and we had a blast on the river with the kids! You were all so great to work with and I'm so glad to hear you loved you images! Here's a few from their session!

Then my second session was with Kurtis. We had a storm about to blow in during his session and the lighting was perfect!!! I couldn't have had better weather! Kurtis will be a senior next year at CHS. It was great talking with you Kurtis and learning more about you and your plans in life. Best of luck to you and all your future endeavors! Here are some of Kurtis's images.

My next session was the Bronson Family. Jennifer and I graduated together and have become pretty good friends. I'm lucky to have great friends like her in my life. Her family is so cute! I may not have gotten the smile I wanted out of Brooke, but I still got some cute shots! And I loved Logan's Jeep idea! It was so unique and I love it since I'm a past Jeep owner :) Here are their images.

And my last session was the Jedlicka Twins. They are now one! Its so hard to believe I've been photographing them since they were 2 or 3 months and already they are so big!!! Of course, as they get older it gets harder! They refused to hold still for even a second and there was more then a few tears shed, but I think we still got some really cute shots! Happy 1st Birthday to the Jedlicka Twins!!! Now onto their images!

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