Friday, June 12, 2009

Wisconsin Wedding Vacation has come and gone!

Sad to say my "small" vacation is over. Sad that I had to leave one of my favorite girls but so happy to be home at the same time. It was amazing! As you may or may not know, Heather, from 'Heather Kessler Photography' flew me down for her wedding to be a back up photographer. It was amazing to be able to shadow her main photographer, Pierre's Portrait Art Co. They are simply amazing!!! I got some amazing shots myself! I had a blast shooting and getting to just be with Heather and her friends, who were so nice and made me feel like I was never left out. Despite the rain on the wedding day, everything went off without a hitch! It was gorgeous even with the rain!!! Heather was a trooper through it all and she got some amazing shots! 
It sucked to leave such a gorgeous place too, and especially on my birthday, which once I flew out it turned into a not so great day. My flight had weather delays for about 2 hours, we of course flew right through the storm, which was fun! Then we couldn't land right away because of the storm and once we landed and I got my baggage I had to drive to Lincoln in the horrible storm! I was running on about 11 hours of sleep for 2 days so I was BEAT!!! I got lost in north Omaha, which anyone from the area knows that is NOT a good thing! Once I found my way out of that mess, I found the interstate and was on my way to my brothers place, FINALLY at 1 am. I fell asleep a few times and really shouldn't have driven, but thank GOD I made it there safe and sound! He was defiantly looking out for me that night! I slept for a good 12 hours and woke up sick, and finally got to go home to my puppy and mom. It really felt so good to be home!!!
Overall it was an amazing trip and I had a ton of fun!!! Its always nice to get back after a trip and sleep in your own bed! :)
Below are a few of the shots that I took the day of her wedding, and then the day after for some bridal shots :)

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