Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tonia's Bridals

Friday, I had the opportunity to photograph last Saturdays bride again! Tonia was willing to do some bridals for me to help me promote bridal sessions. She did AMAZING! She was absolutely stunning in her dress, and even got her hair done again for the bridal session! We had a absolutely  blast, and I tried out some new locations that I had found around town. It was so hard choosing my favorites to put up because there was so many that I absolutely loved! Thanks so much Tonia for being such an amazing client, and willing to get some AMAZINGLY fun shots!!! You are truly an amazing client that any photographer would die to have!! Enjoy your bridal session from New World Designs!
If you are interested in a bridal session, contact me today!!! Bridal sessions only $50! Have fun in your dress again and capture some amazing moments in the most precious piece of clothing you will ever own!

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  1. Wow - Claud says these are "GORGEOUS". Much better than some Wisconsin bride I saw. (Talking about the subject matter of course.)