Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tis the Season!

Ohh I am swamped! Busy season has begun, and I am in knee deep with editing! It's GREAT to be busy but at the same time stressful! So needless to say, I am behind on blogging! So here goes!

First up, the Mueller Family! These two loved to show off in front of the camera! It was too cute! Thanks for bring them to the studio Jaymee!

Next up, the adorable Tessa, and my most recent graduate of the "Watch Me Grow" Program! I can't believe she already a year old!!! It is crazy to see how much she has changed from session to session, and I loved watching her grow up, AND working with her parents! I hope to see you and your family again Tessa!

Tuesday I had three month old Allison in the studio for the first time! She was SOOO CUTE! I was so excited to get behind the camera and capture some smiles, but Allison had other thoughts! She was not a fan of my camera or lights, but we still got some great shots for mom! Thanks for bringing her in Ana!

Rhylan was back for his month sitting yesterday! He just gets bigger and bigger every month! Its so fun to watch so many kids grow up! We decided to do Rhylan's session outside since it was a gorgeous day, so on we went, and soon realized grass was NOT Rhylan's favorite thing! He soon got used to it, and then was not into looking at me or his mom at all! He was way more interested in leafs and grass! Such a cutie! See you in a month Courtney and enjoy the images!

And today, I had a new little client Hailey. Her mom brought her in for her 1 year sitting, and I have to say, her mother knows how to dress this cutie! She had the CUTEST little outfits for her, I was jealous!!! :) Anyways, we got some amazing shots, and our final set was the best, a cake smash! It was so fun and I had a blast! Thanks for bringing her in!!!

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