Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby Time!!!

Ahh I love this baby boom that is going on! First up is little Shelby. I have worked with Shelby's parents before at their wedding, and they are very good friends of mine! I was soooo happy to see this little one in the studio, and SUPER happy that she is now a member of the "Watch Me Grow" program! Welcome Shelby! I look forward to watching you grow up!

Next up little Jaedyn! At 7 days old, she put up a fight, which finally ended in some amazing sleepy shots for mom and dad! It was great to work with you and your little one! And I can't wait to watch her grow up with the "Watch Me Grow" program! See you all again soon!

Last up was my second cousins' Tyler and Addison. It was great getting to work with family and Tyler defiantly had me running around to get a shot! But we got it done! And even managed to get some of his sister Addison! Thanks for bring the two of them in! See you soon!

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