Friday, September 24, 2010

Studio Remodel Underway and pricing additions!

As some of you may (or may not) heard, my tiny studio is undergoing a remodel! I am very excited about this! The studio will continue to be closed through October 1st to finish all the remodeling. The new wood floors are in and look amazing! The painting is next and then comes the final special touches! I am VERY excited to show all my new and existing clients the new space! I also have a lot of frames for sale at VERY discounted rates when you purchase a print! I seem to have an overload of my inventory :) Good for clients, bad for space! Also LOTS of new props are in yet again so be sure to get your little ones in for my ongoing specials! Check the website for more details on those specials!
Also another change will be wedding packages. Everything will remain the same but I will be adding a sheet to design your own wedding package! Message me if you are interested in wedding photography and I will get this info out to you! Thanks so much for every one's support. I truly appreciate every single one of my clients for helping my dreams come true!

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