Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tammy & Justin; July 17th; Columbus, NE

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a dear friends special day! And boy was it special! It was perfect, minus the heat advisory we had, but it was still a gorgeous day! We got some great shots minus the fact that we weren't able to head outside very long! I had soooo much fun reconnecting with old high school friends as well! It was a complete blast!!! Tammy also provided her new hubby with a GIANT surprise. Justin had wrecked his Monte Carlo in high school, and it was so dear to him that it had been sitting dormant in his parents garage. Tammy was very sneaky and had the car removed and replaced with another so he wouldn't notice. The car was then totally redone and fixed into original condition. Despite the short time line, it was soooo close to being finished! Justin was presented with pictures at the reception, and you could just tell how overjoyed he was, even though he didn't show it much! Everything was gorgeous, and I am soooo happy for two of my most amazing friends! Enjoy your new lifes together you two! I love you both!

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