Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weather Delays followed by Sunny Days!!!

WOW first snow in the first week of October! CRAZY!!! That of course caused postponing sessions, 3 to be exact! Now that I've finally gotten them done, along with some others its blog time! The weather let up so nice for these sessions! Its been a crazy Nebraska fall, with it being 70 degrees one day and 40 the next! I guess that's Nebraska for you! Anyways onto the sittings!

I started off October with an engagement session with my newest wedding couple, MaryJan & Scott. He had an amazing day for pictures and it was great to meet Scott! The two of them are so perfect together and you can just see the love! I can't wait for their February 2010 wedding! Now onto the images!

My next session was yet another one of my wedding couples, Lindsey & Brandon. They live a couple hours away from Columbus so it was great to finally meet them! Lindsey chose to do all their pictures outside since the weather was so amazing and we chose a lot of different locations! I am really looking forward to their wedding in June since it is another out of town wedding for me and I love photographing in new towns with new locations! Anyways, we had an AMAZING fall day and the colors were absolutely gorgeous for their session! Check out the images!

Session number three was the start of some seniors. Peter will be a 2009 graduate from Scotus. I had two hours to capture all of Peters great ideas and it was great hearing all about Peter and his future goals! Onto the images!

Onto senior number 2 of the week was Tyler. Tyler is actually from Lincoln, NE and is my first senior from that area! I absolutely LOVE Lincoln since I went to college there, and the photo locations are endless! We started on the UNL campus, and even got some shots at the Husker Stadium! We then headed over to the hay market, where we were swarmed by about 20 other photographers in the process. I learned a lot about how people down there work, and I guess the lack respect that some of the older photographers have for other people that are working. Once we got through all the swarms of people, we got some more amazing shots and I got to learn more about Tyler and his future goals. Anyways, onto Tyler's images!

Husker Stadium!

My last senior of the week was Amy. This session has been long coming thanks to many sessions having to be cancelled because of the weather, so it was great to finally get to meet Amy! She is another Scotus 2010 senior, and was a homecoming candidate the night before! We started in the studio, with the usual head shots, then some great ones in her homecoming dress! We headed outside and stayed at the gorgeous studio location that I am blessed to have! We got some gorgeous fall shots with the colors on the lake and the gorgeous trees and bushes around the area. Even the local ducks got in a few shots! It was great to meet Amy and her mom and sister! I hope to work with them again in the future! Here's Amy's images!

One of my favorite senior images EVER! Amy is so gorgeous!

Any my last session for the week (or two) was the Larsen Family. They were the lucky winners of one of ten free sittings from the Columbus Days Parade this summer. It was a little chilly, but the kids did great! We had family pictures and then did some of just the girls. They had so much fun feeding the ducks at the studio and that really gave me some great images! I am so glad to have such great clients and I love meeting new ones! And here's the images!

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